Orion’s Sword, and other sky-things

I’m giving a public lecture tomorrow – which sounds awfully formal and grown up; rest assured, it won’t be – at the Knowledge Exchange in Temple Bar.  It should be fun, and hopefully it will be a little educational.

I really liked the idea of the Knowledge Exchange, but I thought that some of the topics of the talks in previous series were a little esoteric.  So I decided that the only way to change that was to step up and do a talk of my own.  I originally wanted to talk about Cloud Computing, pitched at the level that my parents could understand, but getting that cleared by work would have taken a lot of time, and would probably also have killed any enthusiasm I had for the project.  So I’m talking about something else.  Space.  Because space is awesome.  How awesome?  Come along tomorrow and find out.

Published by irokie

I like humans, music, games, books, beer, space and smashing the patriarchy. he/him. RTs my own.

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