Dear Ireland

It’s not like you’ve not seen it before. It’s been this way for hundreds, even thousands of years. The sky is not falling. It is rain.  There is no cause for alarm.  There is no cause for ludicrous acts of idiocy.

I am consitently confounded by the response of this nation to rain.  It is a fact of our climate: more days than not in a year, water will plummet from the sky.  Yet we frequently act as if this is something that we have never encountered, and that no sane person could have been expected to anticipate.  Rain.  In October?!  Surely this is some sign that the end of days is nigh and we should all head to Limerick and pray to a tree stump.

The roads fill up with cars.  Driving on a rainy day will leave you convinced that all of the unlicenced drivers on the road have congregated around you to demonstrate to each other how not to drive.  It is dangerous to drive on a wet day.  Less because the rain makes the roads treacherous, and more because the people on the roads are frantic, reckless, taken aback by the volume of traffic, and they are trying to get where they are going and trying to get there on time.  Rainy days also seem to precipitate broken headlights and short tempers.

I really don’t like talking about traffic this much, but I left the house at 8:40 this morning.  I was in work at my desk at 10:00.  Conversely, coming home, the sky was clear.  I left the office at 18:30 and I was home before 19:00.

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